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Hello - I'm a newbie and hoping for support!

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Hello - I'm a newbie and hoping for support! Empty Hello - I'm a newbie and hoping for support!

Post by OzDzynes on Sat 05 May 2012, 3:17 am


I've just joined this forum, first one in my life actually! I am joining the many of you with the frustrated and tired feeling of the sound of my voice. I hate talking to anyone on the phone, if anyone asks me to call or wants to have a catch up chat, I make my excuses so the call never happens, I think I have actually lost friends because of this.

My voice started to go funny in 2008, I can't remember now if it was worse than it is now but I know it is affecting me mentally and socially. I used to teach snowboarding so I instantly linked it with me having to bellow out on the mountain during my lessons.
2009, I went to see my doctor and he asked a few questions about me and my life, said maybe I have damaged my vocal chords and advised me not to talk and if i have to, I had to whisper, for 2 whole weeks, IMPOSSIBLE, my job now involves talking, teacher assistant, and during those 2 weeks, whilst living at home, my mother was away and my father is deaf!! You do the math!

I haven't been back to the doctor since, but somedays now really get me down, I used to be able to sing quite well any song, but now i whistle my songs, some kids at school have even mimicked my voice and laughed, which I can deal with when I'm there because I have wise comebacks that shuts them up instantly, but it does stay in my head for a few days after. Very self conscious over it.

Anyone relate out there?

=( Ozzi


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Hello - I'm a newbie and hoping for support! Empty Re: Hello - I'm a newbie and hoping for support!

Post by drmilindkumar on Tue 19 Jun 2012, 8:22 am

Dear Ozzi,
I'm a doctor from India, myself suffering from Adductor dysphonia and can understand what you are going through.
I have just seen this forum and joined today only. My job as you can imagine involoves speaking to patients and involving in disucussion with colleagues and do presentations (my nightmares).
I got myself diagnosed 1yr ago and got a botox injection which left me with whispering voice for around 1 month and then my voice was near normal (I made many presentations then). Then the effect wore off and now even speaking to my family and kids can become tiring.
I read Marton Cooper's book (got from amazon US to India) and it really has helped me. I'm not going for botox for as long as I can avoid.
I'm a very lean built and I've started doing proper exercises and bought a home gym as well. It is helping though I avoid public speaking to maximum.
Also avoid shouting and try to speak in nasal tone sometimes it will help....Do see Dr Cooper's website voice doctor
Be in touch


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